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Denise M. Wright

Denise M. Wright is a highly skilled and experienced professional specializing in special education consulting. With a deep passion for ensuring inclusive and equitable education for all students, Denise M. Wright is dedicated to supporting schools, educators, and families in meeting the unique needs of students with disabilities.

As a special education consultant, Denise M. Wright brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their practice. With 20 years of experience in the field, Denise M. Wright has worked closely with diverse educational settings, collaborating with teachers, administrators, and parents to create effective and individualized educational programs.

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With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of best practices in special education,Denise M. Wright is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive educational environment where all students can reach their full potential.

Program Development

Denise M. Wright assists in the development and implementation of customized educational programs, including individualized education plans (IEPs), that meet the specific needs of students with disabilities.

Compliance & Legal Support

Denise M. Wright helps schools and districts navigate the complex legal landscape of special education, ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations and providing guidance on procedural requirements.

Professional Development

Denise M. Wright conducts training sessions and workshops for educators and staff members, equipping them with the knowledge and strategies needed to effectively support students with disabilities in inclusive settings.

Assessments and Evaluations

Denise M. Wright conducts comprehensive assessments and evaluations to identify students’ strengths, needs, and areas for growth, providing actionable recommendations for appropriate interventions and accommodations.

Parent and Community Collaboration

Denise M. Wright actively collaborates with parents, advocating for their children’s educational needs and empowering them with the information and resources necessary to navigate the special education system.


Special education consulting refers to a professional service provided by experts in the field of special education. These consultants offer guidance, support, & expertise to individuals, schools, school districts, or other educational institutions that work with students with disabilities or special needs.


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